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The Mediation Center of San Joaquin is an innovative non-profit social enterprise with the purpose to build a peaceful community by preventing and resolving conflict through education, training, and mediation.  Mediation Center facilitators and mediators are trained and certified in alternative conflict resolution, effective communication, and stress & anger management.  Through mediation and education, the Center promotes restored relationships, self-awareness, and empowerment.

When concerned individuals contact the Center, they generally are seeking to alleviate tension in the most peaceful and productive way possible.  Mediation is not designed to determine if either participant is right or wrong, nor is the procedure about giving legal advice.  Instead, mediators facilitate a process for the potential resolution of a conflict, by promoting communication, understanding, and collaboration between the mediating parties, leading to voluntary negotiation between the parties to help them reach a mutually agreeable solution (win-win!).  Resolution reached through mediation is always voluntary, and therefore has a better chance of being implemented successfully.  Mediation creates meaningful and lasting agreements, preserves/rebuilds relationships, and costs less than court ($$, time, and reputation).

Mediation is an effective alternative conflict resolution method for many situations, especially when there is a personal or working relationship to maintain, including neighbor and community conflicts, consumer-merchant disputes, family discussion, work-related discord, victim-offender reconciliation, and student behavior mediations.  Our Center also provides one-on-one conflict & communication skills coaching (for personal growth or for cases where a second party does not agree to mediation) and large group meeting facilitation (for extended families, workplace problem-solving, etc).  Additionally, for education and outreach, we provide family communication skills workshops and workplace development trainings.

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Contact Us:

All staff members may be contacted by calling the main office line: 209-474-8794

Paula Turocy, Executive Director paula@mediatorsrus.org

Jennifer Wells, Mediation Services Case Manager jenny@mediatorsrus.org

Carla Wolf, Court Services Manager carlaw@mediatorsrus.org

Antonio Villalobos, Small Claims Advisor smallclaimsadvisor@gmail.com, 209-473-6463

Alice Rhodes,Volunteer & Facilities Coordinator, Assistant to the Small Claims Advisor

Elise Willis, Training Director elise@mediatorsrus.org

The Mediation Center is a nonprofit
public benefit organization,
funded by donations of money and
time from people like you;
income from a range of fee-based
conflict resolution services;
and contracts with the Superior Court
and local businesses/organizations to
provide community mediation services.

Services are provided by the
Mediation Center’s team of
specialists and volunteers trained in
effective communication,
stress & anger management and
alternative conflict resolution.

United Way

Have you considered Mediation?

Conflict Resolution!
Problem Solving!
Action Planning!

Community Mediation is a proactive and interactive process in which a neutral third party facilitates voluntary communication to help participants reach mutually agreeable solutions (win-win!)

Community mediation focuses on mutual benefits and calls for the disputants to shift from the traditional oppositional approach to one of cooperation.

Through community mediation, the parties involved can control the decisions that affect them.

Become a Mediator!

Mediators are trained to promote constructive interaction and creative brainstorming by managing a proven process of communication in a safe and confidential environment.

Mediators allow all participants time to share their perspective and facilitate respectful discussion to identify the facts and underlying issues, then move toward goal-setting and creating mutually beneficial and long-lasting agreements.  Community mediators learn that successful mediation allows participants to be heard, to better understand the situation from each other's perspectives, to see a model for future productive interaction, and be empowered to prevent and resolve conflict on their own.

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